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MARS FINANCIAL AND LEGAL CONSULTANTY LIMITED (MARS FLC) is an international standard legal solution based debt recovery company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are experts at recovery activities in order to minimize risk costs and optimize returns. By the same token we possess a track record of ensuring the complete resolution for debt collection with efficient and professional manner.

We accumulated experiences enable us to negotiate payment and settlement terms with those who have fallen behind on their financing payments. However, our real expertise lies in our ability to analyze credit reports, loan histories and financial records to come up with suggestions for establishing payment plans.

For the last 8 years we have worked as a debt recovery company in Bangladesh where we contact consumers every day to negotiate the repayment of their debts. We call them up and obtain information from them regarding their telephone numbers, addresses, credit history and employment record. We operate in a very fast-paced environment and are required to sit and able to reach a reasonable and acceptable solution to all.


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Mars Financial & Legal Consultancy Ltd
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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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